Creative Solutions

The practice of architecture is all about creative problem solving and the team at Casburn Brett takes a multidisciplinary approach to designing great solutions. Need a temporary or mobile building installation, to engage the community, to use recycled materials, or develop a difficult site? We use our background expertise in design technology and craftsmanship to meet your individual needs.


Good For Business

We see the world differently, and we love sharing that vision through our work. It’s one reason why our first restaurant project has gone through two expansions and people still wait in line to get in. We want to boost your business through your vision too. Building a powerful brand image for your organization? Let us help you match your space and the experience of your patrons and staff with your brand.

Casburn Brett Good Business Design

Without Borders

Our office is so high-tech, it goes with us wherever we go. Casburn Brett is the only architecture firm in the world with our uniquely customized “mobile-global” office infrastructure. Everyone on the Casburn Brett team is wired in from home, the office, and the airport coffee shop with the same results – unrivaled online teamwork, efficiency, and productivity. We embrace our wanderlust and you reap the benefits.


Always Learning

We didn’t set out to build the perfect house, or library, or retail store. It is our mission to build the perfect house for you, the perfect library for your community, and the perfect retail store for your customers. In order to do this well, the Casburn Brett team is always learning. We don’t need to know one good solution, we need to know many great solutions and evaluate which fits your needs best – it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Casburn Brett Never Stop Learning

Talent Strong

The Casburn Brett team thrives on individual strengths in a collaborative environment. It is one of the many great advantages of our “mobile-global” infrastructure – we give you access to the best designers, engineers, artists, and specialists for your project, regardless of your project location. We are lean, agile, and have a show-stopping team to meet your project needs at any scale.

Casburn Brett Individual Strengths